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“I now have a happy back” – Michelle’s back pain story

Michelle Kaplan says an osteopath worked for her. Here’s her story: I’ve suffered with backache for about 6 years now on and off. I first saw a chiropractor 3 times a week (cost me an absolute fortune), who also told … Continue reading

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So I can’t wear heels. Sob.

Here’s a picture of me with fashion designer Gert-Johan Coetzee and former editor of Heat magazine Melinda Shaw at SA Fashion Week’s launch at Edgars Melrose Arch (I went along to support fellow Land Rover brand ambassador Craig Jacobs, who … Continue reading

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@battica gets her ball!

Today the planets aligned and I was able to get a Voltaren exercise ball to one of the six winners, Bonita Vos (aka @battica). Bonita, a graphic and web designer, told me she broke her coccyx as a child and … Continue reading

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Mel Bala’s pain in the neck

Everyone has their own set of knot with associated causes. For the letters sent out with Voltaren balls to various influencers, I had to do a bit of guesswork. Here’s the diagram we sent to Mel Bala: So I’m not … Continue reading

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How anti-inflammatories work

Prostaglandins. I always thought that word sounded a bit rude – and they were in fact first isolated from semen in the 1930s by a Swedish scientist – but it turns out that these are hormone-like chemicals that play a central … Continue reading

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Exercises for handbag carrying

It turns out that there are exercises you can do to strengthen yourself in order to carry a heavy handbag – or “purse” as the Americans insist on calling it. Here’s Dr Laura Schlessinger, who is otherwise best known as … Continue reading

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Sam Cowen’s pain in the neck

This is the illustration we sent together with a Voltaren-branded ball to Highveld’s Sam Cowen:

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