On the road with my ball

This sounds dodgy, but it isn’t quite as bad as it sounds. The opportunity to travel to Timbavati, my favourite place in the world, came up very suddenly, and instead of saying no, I worked out that with some clever planning, I could take all my work with me – including my Voltaren ball. Travelling with an exercise ball isn’t necessarily that practical, especially because a bench for the family bush camp is currently taking up most of the space in my car, so I decided to have it inflated at Hoedspruit.

Here’s Cyril the petrol attendant with the ball:


And here’s how it fits in the car:

Ball in car

(As you can see, it’s chaos. Just underneath the ball is a wooden pangolin I bought at the Strijdom Tunnel.) I can’t wait to try it out while sitting under the Jakkalbessie, listening to the Piet-my-vrou cuckoos while working on my novel.

About Sarah Britten

Writer, blogger, communication strategist, artist, speaker, procrastinator.
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