Trying out my ball in the bush

Here I am trying out my Voltaren ball instead of a chair. That’s the Timbavati in the background (it’s a well-travelled ball – even went rollabout in the camp and the game guard had to chase it and catch it for me).

Me on my ball

It takes a bit of getting used to – I’m finding my back muscles definitely need strengthening. But there are compensations. You can bounce on it for one (I tried that last night – it’s quite zen and it works your glutes, helping to prevent Office Bum). Also, when work gets too much, you can do this:

Lean back on ball

I can imagine this move could be quite therapeutic at the end of a crappy day at the office.

About Sarah Britten

Writer, blogger, communication strategist, artist, speaker, procrastinator.
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One Response to Trying out my ball in the bush

  1. Rajiv Ishwar says:

    Struggling with lower back pain for the last month as well, especially in the mornings. Its not the mattress as have tried different ones. Must try one of those balls as well. Bought one a while ago but have not used it as yet.

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