Have you tried a standing desk?

If she wants to get rid of back pain, she should also ditch the shoes.

Recently, a lot has been written about standing desks. They’re the hottest thing in office furniture since somebody thought to put wheels on a chair. Mashable first drew attention to their benefits back in 2011, citing a Men’s Health article in which a study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise which looked at the lifestyles of more than 17,000 men and women over 13 years, and found that those who sit for most of the day were 54% more likely to die of heart attacks.

This is what I want: a treadmill desk.

Since then, Mashable has installed a couple of treadmill desks, which certainly appeal to my love of multitasking. (A caveat though: I kickstarted my back pain problems by studying for my Std 9 exams while riding an exercise bike, so killing two birds with one stone isn’t always wise.)

Quirk Johannesburg has been experimenting with improvised standing desks, inspiring me to try typing standing up. I use the kitchen counter, or the nearest cardboard box on top of a normal desk, which isn’t necessarily that practical – in the longer term, I’d be keen to try something more permanent.

Standing desks seem to be hard to come by in South Africa, based on my cursory search. (If there are any manufacturers in this country, give me a shout.) Here are 6 different options to build a DIY standing desk, complete with handy diagram:

Standing desk diagram

Photo: I am not a Programmer, via bobvila.comDo you use a standing desk? How have you found the experience? Tweet me a pic @Anatinus and I’ll post it to inspire else who, like me, is trying to sit less.

If your heart is set on a treadmill desk – no pun intended, though it probably should be – you can find advice on how to build one here.

Do you use a standing desk? How have you found the experience? Tweet me a pic @Anatinus and I’ll post it to inspire else who, like me, is trying to sit less.

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2 Responses to Have you tried a standing desk?

  1. PM says:

    I’ve used one for years–even wrote my dissertation at it. I started with two lateral files, which i had to raise a couple of inches to get to the proper height (using the ergonomic design you posted earlier). Then i added a slanted surface on top (makes it easier on the wrists for the laptop), and space for an additional screen. Oh, and be sure to add a nice rubber pad to stand on as well–your feet will thank you!

  2. Frank Ohara says:

    I also have a rather cheap solution for a treadmill desk that I’ve described on my blog here if anyone is interested. I also have some fancy metrics I’ve been keeping since I started using it and an indepth review of the treadmill I used. http://www.treadmilldeskdiary.com

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