My name is Sarah Britten. I’m a communication strategist, writer, artist, workaholic and loving cultivator of bad habits. I’ve suffered for more than half my life from back, neck and shoulder pain – ever since I studied for my Std 9 exams while riding an exercise bicycle. Since then, I’ve explored all sorts of treatment options, from physiotherapy, to acupuncture, Chinese and Thai massage and chiropractic. I can count the headache pills I’ve taken over the years in the thousands, not to mention the days, maybe months of productivity I’ve lost over the years thanks to pain.

Sadly, I know that it’s my fault – too much sitting, driving and poor posture. Bad shoes, heavy handbags and laptop bags and even bad bras have also played a role. None of this is anything my mother (herself a sufferer from back pain for as long as I can remember) hasn’t been telling me for years. So when – thanks to Voltaren – the opportunity came along to educate others on a subject that has been the bane of my existence for so long, I grabbed it.

Just so everybody is clear: Voltaren sponsors this blog – I wouldn’t be able to justify the time I’m putting into it otherwise. This year I got to know the Voltaren team and wrote a couple of strategies for them, which is how the idea for this project came about. Any content I generate that mentions them, the active ingredient or the product’s efficacy must be approved for legal reasons because Voltaren is an over-the-counter medication. Though I do keep Voltaren in my handbag and it’s one of my main standbys for back pain, I’ll be exploring all kinds of treatment options. The focus of The Pain in the Blog is on our bad lifestyle habits that cause back pain in the first place – how you choose to treat them is at your discretion.




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