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Good habits for the rest of the year

It’s almost the end of January, and most of us have already given up on the resolutions we made as 2013 rolled in. But making some changes to your lifestyle and habits could save you a bucketload on physio or … Continue reading

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How anti-inflammatories work

Prostaglandins. I always thought that word sounded a bit rude – and they were in fact first isolated from semen in the 1930s by a Swedish scientist – but it turns out that these are hormone-like chemicals that play a central … Continue reading

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Exercises for handbag carrying

It turns out that there are exercises you can do to strengthen yourself in order to carry a heavy handbag – or “purse” as the Americans insist on calling it. Here’s Dr Laura Schlessinger, who is otherwise best known as … Continue reading

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Have you tried a standing desk?

Recently, a lot has been written about standing desks. They’re the hottest thing in office furniture since somebody thought to put wheels on a chair. Mashable first drew attention to their benefits back in 2011, citing a Men’s Health article … Continue reading

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Trying out my ball in the bush

Here I am trying out my Voltaren ball instead of a chair. That’s the Timbavati in the background (it’s a well-travelled ball – even went rollabout in the camp and the game guard had to chase it and catch it … Continue reading

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Office chair vs exercise ball?

When I first started researching this blog, I had no idea that an exercise ball can be used as an alternative to an office chair. The use of balls as alternatives to office chairs has been growing in popularity, and … Continue reading

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Nifty ways to combine office politics with back pain prevention

I’m a big fan of multitasking. If I can accomplish more than one thing at once, this makes me very happy. Here are some ways to navigate office politics and prevent back, neck and shoulder pain at the same time. … Continue reading

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